At The Case Factory we offer an in house embossing service giving you the opportunity to personalize your products.

We emboss your initials with capital letters from A to Ö. Be sure to specify how many initials you would like on the embossing button on each individual product in the drop down menu. Continue with typing which letters you would like with the possibility of choosing either silver or gold. In addition, be sure to specify if you would like a punctuation mark in between the letters. 

We emboss your initials in the centre of the bottom of the case on all iPhone cases, Macbook covers and card holders. On the passport holders and iPad covers we emboss the initials in the bottom right corner on the front.

The products on which we can emboss are animal print and basic cases. Unfortunately it is not possible to emboss on embroidery, fur, studs, patchwork and real reptile cases, therefore this option is not visible on these individual products.

Every effort is made to ensure the embossing looks as well spaced and aligned as possible. Note that daily use of the cases may cause the embossed initials to fade over time.

Please allow an additional working day for items to be embossed, especially during holidays. Please also be aware that items that have been embossed cannot be refunded or exchanged.