iPhone 7/8 Plus Swarovski Dog Crocodile Bright Red

Crocodile Bright Red

iPhone 7/8 Plus Swarovski Dog Crocodile Bright Red



The Swarovski® Crystal Collection is a collaboration between The Case Factory’s premium leather products and Swarovski’s world famous crystals. The animal crystal stickers makes a cool statement on your mobile case that will sparkle day and night. The first collection consist of the Tiger, the Zebra, the Giraffe, the Shark and the Dog.

The case is made of high quality Italian calf leather with a beautiful print crocodile pattern. Stylish, elegant, young and fun. This case will definitely add some colour to your living. The Dog is embellished with crystals and symbolises kindness and loyalty.

The stickers are made of Crystals from Swarovski® and has an adhesive backside. The case comes with the sticker attached, and the placement is as it looks in the image. Please note that these products with the stickers attached cannot be refunded or returned.

- Suits iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 Plus.
- Handcrafted.
- Genuine Italian leather.
- Unique pattern.
- Slightly elevated edges for screen protection.
- Sticker with Crystals from Swarovski®

For detailed leather and product care, please view our leather guide »

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