Swarovski Symbols Swarovski Bowie Lightning

Lizard Brown

Swarovski Symbols Swarovski Bowie Lightning



The Swarovski® Crystal Collection is a collaboration between The Case Factory’s premium leather products and Swarovski’s world famous crystals. The symbol crystal moon sticker makes a cool statement on your mobile case that will sparkle day and night. The symbol collection consist of different symbols which you can attach and personalize any product. The Bowie lightning bolt is an iconic symbol for the famous singer and artist David Bowie.

You can combine several symbols and letters in any way you prefer. You can either attach it straight onto the phone or on a flat non padded case or small leather good, such as passport cover or card holder. If you want to attach it straight on the phone it is important to clean the surface before attaching the sticker. If you want to attach it onto a case or cover we recommend to use a new and unused product (do not clean the leather goods before attaching the letter, as it may damage the leather).

(In the picture the bowie is attached to iPhone X Lizard Black with silver embossing)

- Sticker with Crystals from Swarovski®
- Can be attached to any case, cover or wallet
- Dimensions H 9,5 cm and W 3,4 cm
- Adhesive back

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